Beacon Heights Preschool

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  • We want to provide an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance where your child can feel safe and secure.

  • We want your child to have many interesting opportunities to learn and explore with other children in a stimulating environment.

  • We want to encourage your child to grow as an individual, and also to experience friendship and caring toward others.

  • We want to be a support to parents in the difficult, but rewarding task of child rearing, and to respond to the needs of the community for quality care for children.

  • We encourage participation of families from a variety of cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.


Beacon Heights Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Accredited programs provide safe and nurturing environments while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children.



A nurturing and knowledgeable staff with early childhood training and experience is important to our program. We have two age groups:  2 - 3's and 3 - 5's. Classrooms have low child to adult ratios. In addition, student teachers and volunteers add much to the children's classroom experience and allow us to more effectively meet the needs of each child.


Founded in 1986 under the direction of Kathleen Fry-Miller, Beacon Heights Preschool is a relatively small organization which seeks to provide personal attention to each child and family. Director Judy Frederick brings many years of combined teaching and administrative experience to Beacon Heights, providing continuity between administration and the direct experience of the children.

The Preschool Advisory Committee meets annually with the preschool directors. The Committee consists of representatives from the preschool families and the Beacon Heights Church staff.


Ultimately, Beacon Heights Preschool believes that children learn best from the “work” of play. In order to support this work, a variety of experiences and materials will be provided for the children according to their individual developmental needs and interests:

  • art experiences

  • music (we currently partner with Musical Conexion every Tuesday for a bilingual musical experience)

  • imaginative play

  • language and storytelling

  • cooking

  • science and nature

  • outdoor play

  • celebrations

  • practical life skills

  • learning games

  • large and small motor development

Parent Involvement

Parents are always encouraged to visit the program and spend time with their children at any time throughout the year.

Each year we have had parents involved in our program as assistant teachers or substitute teachers on both a regular and irregular basis, from once a week to once a year. We know that parents have developed many skills through working with their own and other children. Parents enjoy being involved in the program and receive a tuition discount. Parents should apply by June 1 for the next school year.

Tuition information

We want the program to be affordable for all families. Scholarship funds have been made available through the Beacon Heights Church.

Discounted tuition and partial scholarships are available through our scholarship program.

First scholarship consideration is given to families that apply by March 15 for the following school year.

Full tuition costs vary, according to the number of sessions the child attends. Tuition is paid monthly and divided into nine equal payments. Registration fee is also required. A separate Registration/ Tuition Information sheet has detailed information on costs and enrollment.

Click to open the 2018-2019 Preschool Handbook

Click to open the 2018-2019 Preschool Handbook